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An attempt to escape from responsibility of the crimes committed during World War II, blurring of guilt in half-truths, manipulations and lies, are the guiding principles of the German thinking about the past these days. As a result, we often hear that the concentration camps were Polish, the war was provoked by closer undefined Nazis and the most Germans were focused on an active resistance against Hitler, ipso facto saved Jews before Polish squads of Home Army soldiers. [The one who would accept those theories as a fantasy fabrications, phantasms of an ignorant and lacking elementary knowledge people - would be wrong.] These theories are accepted not only by ignorant and people lacking in elementary knowledge. That kind of statements regularly appear in West-Side European press, being copied in films, documents and books. These affirmations are usually repeated by the great leaders of today's world. Previous US President, Barrack Obama, had spoken of  "Polish concentration camps", the FBI director, James Comey, reminded the responsibility of Holocaust, blaming Poles. Similar ridiculous and unhistorical facts used to happen to many other significant figures. These are not individual accidents nor issues identifiable through bilateral discussions with Germans. Historical revisionism disease is more serious and its harmful effects hit consistently in the reputation of Poland.

Polish western neighbours' stronger recognition the guilt of committed crimes on Polish compatriots, was accompanied by plenty of people belonging to children and grandchildren generations of those, who directly experienced the nightmare of World War II [Many children and grandchildren of those, who directly experienced the nightmare of  World War II felt the need to emphasize the guilt of the Germans in committing crimes on Polish compatriots.]. A number of Poles, did not forget and forgive those days. This brand new historical awareness contributes to permanent thoughts in context that the Russians and Germans, themselves begun a bursting agony in our Fatherland. For those of us, who understand that problem, the nation suffer embarked as the source of Polish spirit. Warsaw Uprising, Polish defensive war 1939, Piaśnica, victims of concentration camps, intelligence clearance,  shatter of cultural institution, finally an overall plan to remould our country, treated as a worse race, into a slavery - those are the symbols of our identity.

The result of German crimes rise about 2,77 millions purged Poles. With that loss need to be counted approximately 100 thousand of Poles murdered by Ukrainian nationalists (including Wołyń village with around 60 thousand massacred people) over the period 1942 to 1945. The amount of Jews and Poles with Jewish roots, the citizens of Rzeczpospolita II, eliminated by the Germans escalate to 2,7- 2,9 millions of people [included death camps 1 860 000 populace, within Ponary 72 142 persons ]. In fact, the numbers of exterminated by the Germans, the Polish citizens' - Poles and Jews, reach approximately to 5 470 000-5 670 000. We do remember.

Although, to balance Germans attitude had been done more than enough, even today being in completely contrasted geo-political situation, in point of symbiosis necessity with our neighbours, the consciousness of fragile bound in this relation. Chiefly, to scale the fact of this reciprocal Polish-German relations, it comes to mind the colonial politic of subsequently appropriation our freedom. Economical motives pushed to agreement on dependency business. Ceaseless cause of Russian invasion made to agreement of army dependency. Weakness of our elites tossed on decisions about Polish future, which have been undertaken outside our country. We cannot agree on appropriation of an elementary freedom foundation would be the history. It cannot be agreed the history and stereotype of German-Polish antipathy and then Polish -German, might be another spark to light the fire of unwillingness between our countries. Furthermore, in the interwar period , the medias (e.g. radio, press and film) has been used to escalate mutual aversion. It cannot be allowed on the history repeats itself.